Singer Merritt 2404 Review – A Comprehensive Guide

The Singer Merritt 2404 review shall let you know about the manual and other functional details of this gorgeous sewing machine. Upon learning so, you shall be to take care of your existing machine in a much better way.


Singer Merritt 2404 Review

While going through the Singer Merritt 2404 review let us get to know a bit deeper about this fascinating sewing machine which is a class in itself. This is a vintage machine that was made during the 80s. the specialty of this sewing machine is that using it you shall be able to make all sorts of fancy stitches. This machine comes having a cam. In order to put the cams, you are required to raise the top part of it. It shall reveal the portion where you have the thread. Here you place the cam. Although these machines are no longer found in stores, if you love collecting vintage things, then you can surely get yourself one from eBay. Now let us take a look at some of its features in this Singer Merritt 2404 review.

singer merritt 2404 review

  • It has a drop-in ribbon
  • Stitch length and width are adjustable
  • It is a great embroidery machine

Singer Merritt 2404 price

This is a very vintage sewing machine and is no longer manufactured. But if you wish to have one you can give a search on eBay. Presently they are been sold there and cost between $50 and $150 and along with that separate shipping costs are to be added too.

Singer Merritt 2404 manual

The Singer Merritt 2404 manual is easily downloadable from the internet. You can even download it for free by visiting the website of Singer. It has all the details about the different parts of the machine that you must know. It also guides you about the operational functions of this sewing machine so that you are able to get the design that you are looking for.

Singer Merritt 2404 parts

The different parts of the Singer Merritt 2404 sewing machine are:

singer merritt 2404 review

  • The Spool Pin
  • Guides To Threads
  • Tension Disk Of Bobbin Winder
  • The Lever Take-up
  •  Dial Of Needle-Thread Tension
  • The Face Plate
  • Lifter Of Presser Foot
  • Presser Foot Screw
  • Cutter of Thread
  • Guides To Thread
  • General Purpose Presser Foot
  • Feed
  • Slide Plate
  • Plate For General Purpose Needle
  • Bobbin
  • The Case Of Bobbin
  • Needle Clamp
  • Speed Controller and Electrical Connections
  • The Hand Wheel
  • Knob Of Hand Wheel
  • The Selector of Needle Position
  • Selector Of Stitch Width
  • Length Selector Of Stitch
  • Push Button Of The Reverse Stitch
  • Spindle Of Bobbin Winder
  • Light and Power Switch

You must also remember that the thickness of your fabric determines the size of the needle that you should be using. The sewing needle shall last you from seven to nine hours. It is also very important to remember that the sewing needles can break even if it is not appropriate for the fabric you are using. It also might break when the bobbin case has not been properly put in.