Laura Ashley CX155LA Review: Has an Aesthetic Look Along With Outstanding Features

Have you tried out any sewing machine? Brother Sewing machines Laura Ashley CX155LA review will tell you that it is an extraordinary as well as a unique device. The beauty lies in its computerized functioning. It is a quilting machine that can certainly take your breath away!

Laura Ashley CX155LA Review

The aesthetic look of the sewing machine is further integrated with enhanced features. It is undoubtedly a convincing item which buyers can think of purchasing at any time. The product is well-equipped with different features that can help to transfer dream projects into reality.

Laura Ashley CX155LA review

Specifications of product

The simplicity yet being a sophisticated item can make an ideal choice among many. The product is designed with an idea to satisfy all type of people.

  • The product weighs around 11.02 lbs
  • The dimension of this item is 12.48 x 8.03 x 17.32 inches
  • A computerized machine that helps in better functioning
  • With 7 point feed, it is possible to have a smooth fabric
  • Warranty is limited to 25 years

There is the opportunity to enjoy 155 built-in stitches that also includes 8 one-step buttonhole styles. With the adjustable speed control, it is convenient for sewing easily. Laura Ashley CX155LA review ensures that smooth start and stop button helps in better managing of sewing.

Laura Ashley CX155LA review

Features of the sewing machine

The sewing machine is highly equipped with latest features that make it an incredible piece of item. The unique features finally help to enhance crafting that can improve skills among menders.

  • Different built-in stitches

It comes with 155 stitches that have already been mentioned in specifications. The stitches further have 55 alpha-numeric stitches that ensuremanaging monogram projects. Buttonhole stitches allow in handling lighter to heavier fabrics depending on needs of a project.

  • Enough workspace

It is said to be the fastest sewing machine which gives the flexibility to run around 850 stitches per minute. Laura Ashley CX155LA review makes you aware that the workspace is comparatively more significant than the other devices available in the market.

  • Automatic operation

The life can be little more comfortable once an automated machine is installed. It gives flexibility to beginners to adopt skills and understand needle threading. Easy adjustment to a new device is possible with this item.

Pros and cons of Laura Ashley CX155LA

The sewing machine comes up with some fantastic pros that can easily convince anyone to make it as their ultimate choice:

  • It is supported with abundant accessories that can ensure better sewing
  • Comes up with a variety of stitching options that are suitable for every occasion
  • Gives a significant amount of space to store things
  • Highly durable and enable to sew different types of fabric

The cons of this product are:

  • Plastic is used while manufacturing
  • Lighting is not appropriate

Final Verdict

Laura Ashley CX155LA review can give an idea about the product and help in making a purchase decision. It is an affordable machine despite being a computerized sewing machine. The limited edition is a complete blend of quality and functionality. It is said to be a well-packed product that is the best option available to people.

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