Janome MC-6300P Review – the Machine’s Worthiness!

For serious buyers and quilt makers, Janome’s MC- 6300 quilting machine is going to make every seamstress happy. The robust machine offers professional heavy-duty computerized quilting sewing machine. It is one of its kinds offering the best quality in its price range. Janome MC-6300P Review Also matters a lot to customers.

Janome MC-6300P Review

Janome MC-6300P Review

A glimpse of what Janome MC offers to its audience and a quick Janome MC-6300P Review

Key features of the Janome MC

  • Offers 66 stitches along with 4 buttonholes
  • Provides block and script monogram stitches
  • LED light display-It is not only to aid the vision of the needle but also displays a variety of information from a low indicator of bobbin indicator light to twin needle guard etc.
  • Automatic thread cutter that comes with memory capability feature
  • The 6300P has a knee lift and drop feed control facility too
  • 9” sewing space with an extendable table for quilting purpose. it can stitch anything within Max 5mm stitch length and Max 7mm stitch width

Janome MC-6300P Review and its benefits

  • Stitch selector

This professional heavy duty computerizedquilting machine is not limited to simple stitches of up and down but more than that. With the four buttonholes, a user can handle several projects by simplyselecting the stitch selector panel. With the help of the stitch selector button,a dressmaker can quickly jump to a variety of stitching kinds.

  • The automatic thread tension panel

This panel, in the JanomeMC-6300P, makes all kinds of fabrics from bunching or losing the stitches. It aids in automatic bobbin winding phenomena too.

  • Automatic thread cutter

The feature under this category allows a sewer to continue his stitching without holding the stress of when to cut the thread. There exist a memory function that gives a reminder of the thread to cut at which place and when.

Janome MC-6300P Review

  • The robotic memory

Apart from the thread cutter memory panel, the machine is capable of remembering the preferred pattern of the seamstress.  This Janome MC- 6300P machine comes with five memory banks that can help one recall about the last stitch, and a sewer can begin from where he left easily.

  • Speed control and stitch customization

The all-new Janome MC offers a button to adjust the length and width of the stitches. It can do a maximum of 5mm stitch in length and 7mm stitch in width. A user can adjust accordingly by simply pressing the ‘-‘or ‘+’ button. What’s more, the twin guard feature allows adjusting the width of certain kind of stitches automatically.

The Janome MC-6300P Review market states unless a professional handle this, it is a complicated machine for beginners. Many of its features are difficult to handle and learn.

Final review

This robust machine gets five stars for offering such brilliant panel of features. This is what professionals and project takers have to say on Janome MC-6300P Review, “The free motion quilting (FMQ) sewing machine is essential for professionals who are on deadlines to complete the projects. It can handle sewing and quilting task together with utmost rigour and comfort.”

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