How to Use Handheld Sewing Machine: A Step-by-Step Guide

Buying a portable sewing machine and then wondering how to use handheld sewing machine need not be one of your issues anymore. Through this article, you will learn all that is there to a handheld sewing machine. How to Use Handheld Sewing Machine? You will also figure out to use one and can clean most of the doubts you might have had at the beginning.


How to Use Handheld Sewing Machine


how to use handheld sewing machine


Are handheld sewing machines easy to use?

Handheld sewing machines are extremely easy and convenient to use. There are just a few simple steps you will have to follow. And as they are small, they can also be easily carried when you’re traveling, making them portable.

By choosing an easy-to-operate handheld sewing machine, you can replace your regular old sewing machine. This will help you save a lot of space. And it is to be noted that most portable handheld sewing machines can repair most of the damages.

How do you thread a handheld sewing machine?

Threading a handheld sewing machine might sound complicated, but it isn’t. Here are some tips to get you started on threading. The first thing to do is to make sure your bobbin, spring, and spindle are all connected. Once this has been established, put this into the spindle hole that you have on your sewing machine.

Now, hold the end of the thread you have wound on your bobbin and put it through the hole that is above the spindle. This allows you to easily put the thread through your machine’s tension control knob and the hole below it. Now thread it through the needle. That’s it! You are ready to sew.

How do you fill the bobbin on a handheld sewing machine?


Winding a bobbin is one task you might face issues with. But there are steps to guide you to do that too. Firstly, place the spool of thread on the spool pin and slide the cap over it. Now, make sure the bobbin winder pin is at the far left point. Slowly pass the thread from the spool to the thread guide.

Now take the end of the thread and pull it through one of the bobbin holes and then place the bobbin on the pin. After pushing the bobbin winder pin to the right, step on the speed controller while not letting go of the thread’s end. You can cut off the excess thread later on.

Can you use a mini-sewing machine to make clothes?


A mini sewing machine is all you require to make anything from a mini-skirt to a blouse to event a pant. These miniature devices are perfect for a seamstress. And as they are portable, it becomes even more convenient to use these. Do not be fooled by their sizes. A handheld sewing machine is the best one to use for anything from small alterations to stitching whole dresses.



  1. How to use a mini handheld sewing machine?

The first thing to do, and also the most obvious, is to load batteries into your machine. Make sure you lock the system before you move on to the next steps. Once you have locked the batter storage, set up the bobbin. This is the part that allows the thread to run into the fabric you are stitching. You can then thread the needle with a thread of your choice and voila! You can sew any fabric you like easily.

  1. How to use an automatic hand sewing machine?

An automatic sewing machine is very popular as it makes the process of sewing much easier. The very first thing you will have to do is plug in your sewing machine to a power outlet. Also, make sure to connect the foot pedal right under the table.

Adjust the length and tension according to the stitches you need and the fabric you are sewing on. After this, use a bobbin and the thread holder in your machine and place your choice of thread. Thread it through your needle. There are many online video tutorials to help you get started using an automatic sewing machine.

  1. How to use a sunbeam handheld sewing machine?

You can use a sunbeam handheld sewing machine just like you use any other handheld sewing machine. You can load the battery to power it up and then set up the bobbin. Once this is done, thread your needle. And you are done! Yes, that is how easy it is to use a sunbeam handheld sewing machine.

  1. How to use a mini handheld sewing machine step by step?

These steps for how to Use Handheld Sewing Machine are enough to get you started on stitching using a handheld sewing machine.

  • Firstly, you need to load batteries into your machine. This is to power up your machine. The batteries may or may not be included in your order.
  • The second step is to make sure that you lock the system of your handheld sewing machine. This has to be done after you put your batteries in it.
  • Now you can easily set up the bobbin which will hold the thread. You can choose a thread that suits the fabric you want to sew.
  • After this, make sure to thread the needle, and then you can easily make all the stitches you want!
  • If you face any confusion in performing these steps, make sure you check out some of the many video tutorials that are available online.
  1. How to use an electric handheld sewing machine?

How to Use Handheld Sewing Machine is straightforward to use, and it is also a very convenient tool. The operation is also simple and it is this ease of use function that truly makes it worth its price. The most important thing you need to have to use this machine is a set of batteries.

How to Use Handheld Sewing Machine Once you have loaded them up, set up the bobbin pin you would have received along with the machine. This is what will hold your thread. Then you can easily thread your needle. After all these steps are completed, you can start stitching and sewing your fabrics.