How to Use a Rotary Cutter: A Step-by-Step Guide

A rotary cutter is a device or a tool used for cutting fabric. It has a very sharp circular blade that can cut almost any kind of fabric. You can easily learn how to use a rotary cutter as it is a very simple tool. It is circular and is much more comfortable and accurate to use compared to scissors to cut fabric neatly and perfectly.

A rotary cutter is especially used by quilters who have to cut many layers or a fat layer of fabric together at one time. Using this tool makes it a lot easier to cut fabrics with perfect measurements.

This tool is used to cut perfectly straight lines without needing any complicated procedures. Before you start reading on how to use a rotary cutter make sure you have all the essential accessories like cutting mats which will ensure that you don’t decorate your tiles with lines while cutting through fabrics.

A ruler track is also a pretty convenient accessory that can be used with this tool. It helps in ensuring that you get your fabrics straight without any zigzag haphazard.


How to use a rotary cutter on fabric?


 how to use a rotary cutter


  • Make sure your blade is sharp and not bland otherwise your fabric may be wasted with not getting the desired cut.
  • Be careful of the blade when you open it through the button the handle of the rotary cutter, it is very sharp and can be injurious if not used properly.
  • Therefore, only open the blade once you have lined up your ruler, fabric, and the necessary measurements.
  • With the help of the measurements on the cutting mats measure and line up the fabric where you want to cut it.
  • Then place the ruler to keep the fabric in place and to ensure that the lines are accurate and straight.
  • Next, open the blade of the rotary cutter and carefully and firmly hold it in your comfortable hand, and just like how you slice up your pizza with the pizza cutter that looks similar to the rotary cutter run the blade through the fabric.
  • Now close your blade and carefully remove the excess fabric from the main one and you have completed the task of using the rotary cutter to cut fabrics.

How to use rotary cutter to cut fabric?


 how to use a rotary cutter


The rotary cutters are available in different sizes and you can choose the one which will meet your needs for cutting. For example, a 60 mm size would be good for large cuts while a 28 mm size can be used for small garments.

Using a transparent ruler for this would be more advantageous. You have measurements written and marked on a cutting mat which you can use to line up your fabric.

How to use a rotary cutter for dressmaking?

  • Choose the dress pattern you want to cut the fabric into.
  • Draw the front and back on the fabric with a washable marker or chalk or draw on trace paper for clothes.
  • Make sure the marking is visible and clear and if you are using the paper put it on the fabric you are going to use.
  • Hold down the paper on the fabric with something sturdy so the pattern doesn’t mess up.
  • Ensure that your rotary cutter is sharp by maybe practicing it on other pieces.
  • Now the most difficult part in cutting for dressmaking is cutting around the curves.
  • There is no specific sequence that you need to follow for cutting around the fabric.
  • You can start through the straight part on one side and then turn to another side to cut a curve, it is totally fine.
  • For getting around the curves, you have to be flexible in the motion of your hands. You can always practice on rough pieces before getting to the main one to get used to that type of cutting.
  • Using a fresh blade will ensure more smoothness and perfection.
  • Once you are confident enough to get around the curves, you can cut through the pattern with the rotary blade and also pay attention to safety. Keep your other free hand farther from the blade to avoid injuries.
  • With sufficient practice, you will be ready to cut through any dress pattern you like with the rotary cutter.

How to use a rotary cutter to cut patterns?


Cutting patterns through a rotary cutter requires patience and practice but once you get the hang of it, you will realize the practice was worth it.

The hard part is cutting patterns is the curves and other not straight shapes which require a lot of wrist control to cut smoothly.

How to use a rotary cutter for quilting?

  • First and foremost, always ensure that your blade is sharp to use.
  • For quilting using the ruler measurement instead of cutting mat is more beneficial and accurate.
  • Place your fabric on the mat then place your ruler on the fabric and line it up.
  • Cut a square on whatever measure you want but make sure you keep the ruler on that measurement and that the fabric does not go past the line.
  • Use your dominant hand to move the cutter across and use the other to stabilize the fabric and ruler while cutting.
  • You can do this with multiple layers of fabric simultaneously.

How to use a rotary cutter on fleece?

 how to use a rotary cutter

  • You will need a large or a big size rotary cutter for fleece along with a sharp blade as always.
  • Fleece is a very thick material therefore, having a sharp blade to cut through it is essential.
  • When working on this piece of fabric you will most likely need a second blade or at least need to sharpen your current one as continuous cutting on such a thick fabric can make the blade dull.
  • You will also need to clean your blade at regular intervals during the whole process of cutting as fleece fibers get stuck a lot in the blade.
  • You can also use a rotary cutter made for punching holes in this thick fabric as the normal rotary cutter only cuts straight.

How to use a rotary cutter without a mat?

To use a rotary cutter without a mat you can simply replace them with leather, cardboard, or any material which will make sure that you don’t get lines on the surface of the table you are working on.

How to sharpen a rotary cutter at home?

You can use a blade sharpener to sharpen the blade at home which will always come in handy for the long run

How to use a rotary cutter for sewing?

 how to use a rotary cutter

All you need for this is, a perfect measurement of the fabric you want to sew, a sharp rotary cutter blade, and a ruler to keep the blade stable while cutting through the fabric.

How to use a jakar rotary cutter?

Jakar has a variety of rotary cutters available in the market. These include straight cut, wave-cut, perforation cut, pinking cut, and also a mini, small, and large rotary cutter.

You can use these cutters to cut through the fabrics according to your preference.

How to use a kazoo rotary cutter?

The kazoo rotary cutter is very simple and uncomplicated to use. Just like the majority of the rotary cutter, it requires a cutting mat, ruler measurements, and a piece of fabric to work on.

How to use kai rotary cutter?

 how to use a rotary cutter

Kai company has rotary wave, rotary pinking, and straight blade to offer and are easy to use just like the steps given above to use a rotary cutter.

How to use Martha Stewart rotary cutter?

The company offers simple and easy-to-use rotary cutters that can be used to cut through fabric and various patterns regardless of the material of clothes. They are sharp and have a safety guard to avoid any injuries.

How to use a 45mm rotary cutter?

the 45 mm rotary cutter is the most common size available in the market and it can be used for normal projects at home that need cutting. You can use this blade for curves and corners for the perfect result.

How to use a pinking rotary cutter?

You can use this cutter for trimming sharp, quick, and precise. It is also good for making a handy paper cutter.

It can easily cut through multiple layers of fabric.

To use a pinking rotary cutter having a cutting mat is necessary along with a transparent ruler.

You have to cut through the fabric with this cutter being held straight at a 90-degree angle.

How to use fiskars rotary paper cutter?


 how to use a rotary cutter


Fiskars rotary paper cutter is used to cut into papers smoothly and is especially useful for cutting large paper pieces like posters, banners, etc.

These paper cutters are also very useful for office needs.

Find the right amount of volume of paper that the paper cutter can cut through.

The lines once locked in placed give smooth and effortless slicing with straight lines.

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  1. How do you use a fabric cutting wheel?

Fabric cutting wheels are also known as rotary cutters that is used for cutting fabrics.

Using one is very simple all you need is a ruler with measurements preferably a transparent one, a mat, and a good hand motion.

  1. How many layers of fabric can you cut with a rotary cutter?

We can roughly cut through 4 layers of fabric at once and that may also defer from the fabric material we are using.

  1. How often do you change the rotary cutter blade?

This depends on the frequency of usage of the blade and the kind of fabric you are using the blade on. If you are using it once in a           while with light and easy-to-cut fabrics then it will probably last you for nearly 6-7 months whereas if you are doing heavy work with it then you may need to change it weekly.