How to Put a Needle in a Sewing Machine – Step-by-Step Guide

The chances of meeting with an accident while changing the needle of your sewing machines are very likely. Getting pierced by the needle in the process of removing or inserting it happens often. Read on to know all about how to put a needle in a sewing machine and avoid all sorts of accidents. 

Over some time, the needles of the sewing machines tend to go dull. It may happen due to various reasons like overusing the same needle or getting tangled with the cloth, or even when it gets nicked oversewing on a straight pin.

Changing the needle of your machine depends on how frequently you sew and your sewing style. The different fabrics like leather may also require a new needle as the stitches may break or the outcome may vary.


How to insert a needle in a sewing machine?

There are three ways in which you can insert a needle into your sewing machine.  You can insert the needle either by using your fingers, by using a clearance plate or by using a needle threader and inserter. 

Needle in sewing machine

How to place a needle in a sewing machine?

As mentioned above, there are three possible ways to insert a needle into the sewing machine. Therefore, once you remove the older needle from your sewing machine, you can use your fingers or any tool hat cam along with your sewing machine to place the needle in a sewing machine. 

How to Put a Needle in a Sewing Machine Kenmore sewing machine?

But the desired needle of the correct size and machine type. Rotate the handwheel on the right until the take-up level of your machine reaches its highest point. Hold the needle and loosen up the needle clamp screw using a screwdriver and slide the needle out. Put the new needle in the same place with the same and push it upwards in the same direction from where you removed the old needle. Now tighten the screw clamp firmly. 


  1. How to put a needle in a Janome sewing machine?

-Lower the presser foot and turn the handwheel and raise the needle. Now turn the needle clamp screw anticlockwise and loosen it. Remove the old needle and replace it with the new one. Now tighten the needle clamp screw firmly. Remember to insert the needle with its flat side away from you. 

  1. How to put a needle in a Bernina sewing machine?

-How to Put a Needle in a Sewing Machine After your buy, the right needle for your sewing machine, turn off the machine before changing the needle. Turn the handwheel and position the needle at its highest point. Now hold the needle and loosen the needle clamp screw by rotating it clockwise until you feel the needle is loose enough to move. Pull out the old needle and set it aside safely. Now insert the new needle with its pointy side down and flat side away from you. Insert it as deep as you can with your fingers. Hold it and tighten the clamp screw. Do not overdo the screw.