How to Hem Pants with a Sewing Machine: A Step-by-Step Guide

Got awesome pants at a sale that are too long for you? Read this article to know how to hem pants with sewing machine and flaunt those pairs confidently!

The hem is the folded edge of any clothes. Hemming clothes like pants give them a perfect finish along with a great and fashionable look.

Even though many people provide this service learning how to hem pants with sewing machine is always handy and if you are a learner in sewing then knowing this is a must.

how to hem pants with sewing machine

Sewing machines can sometimes get a little complicated and confusing to use and doing certain tasks like hemming pants can get difficult but worry not, we have got you covered!

From learning about the stitches needed to hem pants on the sewing machine to easy ways of doing the same, we have written it all in this one article. So, without any delay, let’s learn how to hem pants with sewing machine!


How to hem pants with sewing machine blind stitch?

For how to hem pants with sewing machine to do that follow the simple steps given below

  1. Remove the existing hemstitches from the pants.
  2. Turn your pants inside out.
  3. Mark the hems you want to stitch.
  4. Make two marks, one of ½ inch and one of 1 inch from the bottom.
  5. Fold under the ½ inch mark from the bottom.
  6. Then again fold from there till the 1-inch mark.
  7. Then choose the exact color as the pants fabric for the sewing machine.
  8. Select the blind stitch option on the sewing machine.
  9. Iron your hemline before stitching to avoid any crease or rough fabric.
  10. Start stitching your pants and keep the fabric aligned and move carefully and focus on the stitch and fabric instead of the needle.
  11. After you are done stitching turn the pants to the correct side and iron again.
  12. You are now ready to use the pants hemmed with a blind stitch.

How to shorten pants with a sewing machine?

If you want to shorten your pants, you will have to hem them with the sewing machine which is quite easy to implement

  1. Follow the first seven steps of sewing with the blind stitch given above.
  2. Choose a stitch you would like to have. We would recommend blind stitch or straight stitches which are very common options available in nearly every sewing machine, even the old ones.
  3. Sew the stitch on the pants by keeping them aligned with the needle and being steady with moving them
  4. After you are done stitching, iron your pants well and they are ready to use.

How to hem pants with a handheld sewing machine?


 how to hem pants with sewing machine


A handheld sewing machine is like a mini sewing machine that mostly works on hand or button operations. They typically perform only straight stitches.

You will need a thread and a bobbin and of course a matching thread with the color of your pants. Also choose the thread according to the fabric of your pant like cotton, nylon, etc.

  • First set up the bobbin. You will require only one thread unlike two in traditional sewing machines.
  • Then thread the needle on the machine. You will have to put the thread through the needle hole.
  • Now you are ready to hem your pants with the handheld sewing machine.
  • Follow the same steps of how to how to hem pants with sewing machine
  • Then place the fabric in the sewing area and start the machine.
  • Use both hands to guide the pants and hold the machine firmly.

How to hem pants with Bernina’s sewing machine?


 how to hem pants with sewing machine


Step1 – Remove the hem stitches from before carefully. You can use a seam ripper for this purpose.

Step2 – Adjust the hem of your pants according to your length and make a zigzag stitch or mark it properly and iron it to prevent it from fraying.

Step3 – Select the blind hem stitch or whichever you want but blind hem would be the best choice which would look like a zigzag with straight short stitches in between them.

Step4 – Adjust the foot according to the hemstitch you choose.

Step5 – Put your pants turned on the wrong side on the sewing table and press the folded hem.

Step6 – Keep a steady hand and start sewing with the steady moving of the fabric.

Step7 – You can also adjust the thread tension according to your stitch.

After you are done with the sewing iron the pants neatly and you can try them on.

Easy way to hem pants with a sewing machine

Using a sewing machine is the best way to hem pants easily and quickly. For  how to hem pants with sewing machine to do that follow the simple steps given below

  • Remove the existing hem on your pants with a needle or a seam ripper.
  • Take the correct and even length of pants you want to hem with your footwear on.
  • Mark with chalk or pin the length to where you want to hem your pants.
  • Cut some of the lengths of the material of your extra pants till you have about2 inches or 5 to 6 cm left for the new hem to avoid any extra hassle.
  • Again mark or pin the length and fold and nicely press your hem ( You can iron it to make it more accurate ).
  • Now put the pants inside out and iron properly to avoid any creases to leave no room for mistakes.
  • Prepare your sewing machine by first selecting the blind hemstitch.
  • Choose a thread of the same color as that of your pants or a similar color that would not be noticeable on the pants.
  • Adjust the foot according to the guide of your machine.
  • Now put your pants leg one at a time on the stitching area and sew your pants with the blind hemstitch.
  • After you are done you can now turn the pant leg inside out again and your hemmed pants are now ready for you to wear.

Although this may seem long and complicated once you implement it, it will be easy as a breeze. The sewing part will take the least amount of time and with practice, you will be able to complete this more quickly.

How to hem suit pants with a sewing machine?


 how to hem pants with sewing machine

 How to hem pants with sewing machine, you can follow nearly all the steps given above except a few

  • When you cut the extra length keep fewer pants material for the hem to nearly 3 cm. This helps in making your hem be more hidden and to look neater.
  • Iron thoroughly after you have folded the hem to make a mark on the pants.
  • After you have finished sewing iron immediately blend the thread of hemstitch perfectly with the pants material.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Stitch do you use to hem pants?

Hemming pants are not as difficult as it sounds. Once you have got your basics covered you are good to go. One of the most important in the basics is the stitch that your pants would require to hem.

The best stitch you can use to hem pants is the blind hemstitch. This stitch option is available on almost all sewing machines so you also don’t have to worry about finding it.

The blind hem stitching helps in hiding the stitches under folded edges which makes them invisible on the pant. Therefore, this stitch is best to use to hem pants as it helps in keeping your pants perfect and flawless by making your hem stitches invisible.

  1. Can you hem with a sewing machine?

Of course, it is possible to hem with a sewing machine. You can sew a pair of pants with a sewing machine so hemming pants is not a problem.

You can hem on a sewing machine perfectly in little time and with very fewer efforts compared with hemming by hands. All you need is a little bit of practice and guidance, and we are here to help you with that.

  1. How do you hem pants quickly?

The best way to hem your pants quickly is by using a sewing machine.

  1. How do you make a professional hem?

The most important thing is that you ensure you choose a thread of the same color as the pants you want to hem.

If you choose a visibly different color compared to that of your pants it is going to stand after you are done hemming your pants, which is not something you would want unless you have a unique sense of fashion and style.

  1. How do you sew a straight hem on a sewing machine?

There are many to ensure a straight hem but some of the easiest are;

  • select the straight stitch option on your machine.
  • when you put your fabric on the machine ensure that the fabric you want to hem is in alignment with the needle and focus on the fabric while gently moving it forward while stitching.
  • You can adjust the stitch length according to your choice If you want a tight and secured hem then go for a short length.
  • With practice, sewing pants’ hem is going to more and more easy and perfect.

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