Brother LS2125i Review – An In-Depth Look

Reading through this Brother LS2125i review, you shall be learning more about the sewing machine. And to make things further easier, you shall be given a few troubleshooting resolutions to some of the few common issues. It is sure to help you a lot in the days to come. Read ahead to learn about all the things that are required.


Brother LS2125i Review


Brother LS2125i Sewing machine


This Brother LS2125i review will surely help you to know more about this sewing machine. Brother LS2125i is not only a very user-friendly but also a very lightweight sewing machine. It is the perfect machine that can take care of your mending, crafting, and sewing needs very easily. This machine has been made having 10 built-in stitch settings that support you to have multiple stitches very easily. From basic mending and sewing to zig-zag, and satin you can do it very easily in addition to many more elaborate ones.

Each of these stitches has various functions and you shall easily be able to control it using a dial that appears over the front of the machine. On top of the machine, you shall find the dial for the control of thread tension which will help you in finding the appropriate thread tension for your fabric so that you can avoid having loose stitches and puckering as well. It also has a workspace light that shall brighten up the desk area while you are sewing. It shall help you to focus clearly on your craft and create stunning finishes.  Having a lightweight to its body, you can store or transport this machine very easily as well. Surely, it is one of a kind sewing machine from Brother.

brother ls2125i review

Brother LS2125i troubleshooting

Here in this Brother LS2125I review are the troubleshooting steps given for a few commonly occurring issues. As you follow them carefully, it is sure to get your issue resolved.

Unable to feed in the fabric

If your machine happens to have a drop feed then ensure that your feed has got lowered accidentally or not. If it has been then in that case, raise up the feed. It shall move the fabric. In case you happen to have a mechanical machine then check if the foot has been lowered before you are sewing. Even ensure the stitch length of the machine. It should not be too low.

Machine skipping stitches

First, you got to check if the needle has not got bent. If so then it needs to be changed. reading the instructions in the manual re-thread it again and ensuring that you have kept the foot raised. It is important that the thread must move freely. If it is getting jammed then it might be unsuitable for the machine. Get the thread replaced by a good brand. In order to have a better result over the stretched fabric, use a ballpoint needle.

The handwheel is free but the needle is not moving

Slide the bobbin winding shaft to your left and ensure that the machine has been set to the bobbin winding mode. On doing so, the machine settings shall get changed to the sewing mode and this shall resolve the issue.

The thread is breaking

Rethread back again the top thread. But this time you got to make sure that the on the handwheel the threading line indicator has been positioned on the top. It reaches the thread to the lever and corrects its position. It is also important to use a good-quality thread so that it does not create tension. The poor quality thread has even the chances of damaging the machine.

In order to make sure that the thread you are using is suitable for the machine, you can do a quick check. Thread your machine keeping its foot raised. If the thread goes through the machine without any tension, then it is appropriate to use.

The needle threader is not working

Raise the needle to its highest position. Get it positioned across the same parallel of the handwheel over the top.

Machine-making the stitches in reverse

If you are using a mechanical machine then in that case ensure that the lever of the buttonhole has not been put in the down position. If so, make it correct. If you are using a version of the sewing machine that is electronic then all you got to do here is to first turn the machine off. And then switch it on back again. This shall get the issue resolved by recalibrating the motor feed.

Thread overlapping on each other

Try to re-thread the top thread and make sure that, the indicator on the threading line is on the top. While you do this also ensure to raise the pressure foot of the machine. Ensure that the bobbin case too and reset as per the instruction in the manual. Having done so, check the tension settings as well. If the setting has got lowered then put it back to number 4 and it shall be set back again to what it was before.

brother ls2125i review

Brother LS2125i price

Currently, the price of the Brother LS2125i sewing machine is $81.66. But it is always advisable that you check the current price while you are buying. It so happens that different dealers set a different price for it and even Brother too make changes in the price of their products from time to time as well.

Brother LS2125i threading

In order to thread the Brother LS2125i sewing machine properly, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • On the spool pin put in the spool of thread
  • Holding the end of the thread get it passed over the thread guide appearing on top of the machine
  • Get the thread down around the control dial and back it up over the other side
  • Take the thread up again to the front of the machine where the sewing needle is
  • Run it between the guide then snip its end. Then put your needle through it from the front till the back