Brother HC1850 Review: Best Sewing and Quilting Machine

For all the passionate quilters out there, this Brother HC1850 review is a must-read and try! It is a computerized brother sewing machine that has incorporated both technology and manpower into one, so you can now wonder what great masterpiece you are going to sew with it!


Brother HC1850 Review

Brother Hc1850 Sewing Machine

This machine is more of a beginner’s sewing machine with easy and useful simple instructions; however, professionals are also likely to make complete use of it.

Basic features and attachments!

All the equipment is well-positioned in this- upon looking into it, one will find the power cord and a power switch at the bottom of the socket on its right side. This power light also turns on the sewing light, so it made convenient to work in low light or while doing the perfect stitch under good brightness.

A basic handle is attached to its side that needs to be manually controlled to regulate the needle, and right at the top, there is a bobbin winder. This feature is very handy as it showcases a guide to wind the bobbin thread correctly.

Guidelines for perfection!

A visual guide is also marked at the top of the machine near the spool cap that is helpful for the newbie quilters to position the thread to the machine. This machine makes one’s work extremely easy with quick and simple guides. That is why it gains a full five stars on Brother HC1850 review for being exceptionally user-friendly.

Heavy-duty machine

It can also handle heavy fabrics, and to one’s sweet surprise, it can do a brilliant job. It gives a nice, clean and perfects stitch to even a very thick and coarse cloth. It comes with a needle of size 14 and also some extra needles that can go up to size 16. One can do wonderful work with both sizes when chosen accordingly for textured or plain fabric.

Highlights of the master product

One major highlight of the Brother HC1850 review is that it comes with a whopping 130 in-built stitches and is perfect for sewing, quilting, basic monogramming or also for delicate decorative stitching. It also comprises of eight styles of one-step button-hole that are auto-sizable, so one does not need to do all the calculations every time they sew.

One also does not have to think of finding a permanent place to keep it as it comes with a detachable table. So for the time when one is not using the machine they can keep it detached from the part and use for other purposes. Simple life hacks!

Also, it comes with impressive instruction manuals- they are bilingual and on top of it the 25 years warranty plus free phone support for life! What else can one ask for?

Too good to down-vote!

Finding any noticeable con is difficult apart from the excluded animation cover that one needs to purchase separately.

That is all to the Brother HC1850 review which is a must-try machine for both beginners and professionals alike. One should be completely satisfied with the kind of service they will be getting out of it and will surely love to add more of it to their sewing table.


1. Can I adjust the sewing speed on Brother Hc1850?

Yes, You can adjust the sewing speed on Brother Hc1850

2. What are the stitch options available on Brother Hc1850?

This Sewing machine offers a wide range of stitching options including including decorative stitches, utility stitches,  quilting stitches.