Which is the Best Mini Sewing Machine? Check the Top 5  

Haitral Sewing Machine
NEX Sewing Machine Children Present Portable Machine
Brother cs6000i 60-Stitch
SINGER 7258 100-Stitch
Brother 1034D 3/4 Thread Serger
Double thread for perfect stitch
12 built-in stitches
60 in-built stitches
100 built-in stitches
22 built-in stitch
Can be used for
Delicate and soft fabrics, teaching children above 13.
Hemming, altering crafting, etc.
Multiple purposes
Everything from garments to gifts
Curtains, formal wears, linens, knit, join laces and more.
What’s special?
Double speed feature.
4 step automatic buttonhole
Oversized accessory table
Stitch up to 750 sews in 1 minute
Fast; 1300 stitches per second
What to be careful about?
Bobbin case might loosen
Fluid and needle direction while winding
Needs to read the manual thoroughly for proper usage
Plastic pedal
Cannot perform chain stitch and cover stitch

Mini sewing machines – Just because these are tiny in package doesn’t mean these are only for making doll’s outfits. In fact, the best mini sewing machine comes with essential features of its bigger counterpart. One can successfully accomplish small sewing projects with these gears, without making a huge investment.

Best Mini sewing machines are lighter, easier to operate and available at a comparatively lower price. These equipment are highly useful for budding tailors or seamstresses, children and those who wish to carry these anywhere conveniently. Not only that but these gears are also excellent backups for expert tailors.

Usefulness of a portable sewing machine:

  1. Small sewing projects
  2. Paper crafting
  3. Mending
  4. Other crafty works, etc.    

So, in case you are willing to, you can always get one from a reputed manufacturer.  

However, there’s a tricky part!       

With rise in market demand, there’s no dearth of manufacturers in the market. Add on to that, the huge variety of models available. Again, there are a lot of poor quality models which are equally difficult to use. Here’s the tricky part – to sort out the best from the lot.  

To find a quality product, few things to check include –

  • Brand
  • Types of stitches
  • Various accessories
  • Table top or handheld
  • Power source, etc.

Let’s make your decision making more precise! Have a look at the top 5 Best mini sewing machine reviews of 2019 and choose a product according to your preference.


Reviews of top 5 Best mini sewing machines

Best Mini Sewing Machine

Haitral is one of the reputed brands offering robust best mini sewing machines at reasonable rates. This product has features like double thread, automatic thread rewind and double speed. You can sew either by using foot pedal or doing hand stitch.

What can you expect from it?

The machine gives the perfect stitch control one requires. In fact, its adjustable speed feature makes it more convenient to operate. Also, the top drop-in bobbin case makes it easy to thread the needle.


You can use this for all the small stitching tasks. It possesses a basic level gear designed specifically for simple tasks. This can also be used to teach children stitching techniques safely.

The machine is small, portable and extremely easy to use for beginners, those who are new to sewing. It’s mainly suitable for people aged 13 years and more.  

Things to be careful about:

  • You cannot use the battery and power supply together.   
  • This machine cannot work on coarse or elastic knitted materials.
  • Sometimes, the bobbin case might come out.


In case the bobbin case loosens, you can re-align it by hand using a screw driver without any hassle.    

If these things are taken care of, you can use this Haitral machine for other convenient stitching jobs as well. So, those who need one sewing machine for every family member, this product can be an ideal pick for them.

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NEX Sewing Machine

Second on the list is from another reputed seller, NEX. The cutest in the lot, this sewing machine is ideal for DIY purposes. You can bring out the creativity in you with this mini portable sewing machine.

Having in-built 12 stitches, one can use this multipurpose machine for seaming, hemming, auto winding, altering, crafting, home décor, button holing, etc.

What’s special in it?

Its adjustable stitch length, as well as zigzag width, gives you the convenience of experimenting with different sewing styles. You can use this for stitching up to 6 layers with a maximum thickness of 2.5 mm.    

However, the most amazing feature of this product is its 4 step automatic buttonhole.

Things to be careful about:

While winding, take care of the needle’s direction and the fluid. It might otherwise lead to thread jamming.    

Those who are looking for an inexpensive small and basic machine can certainly go for this NEX sewing machine. It’s safe and portable.

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Brother cs6000i 60-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine

A little higher in price, this compact sewing machine is a computerized product featuring 1 LCD display for conveniently selecting the stitches. It also has 4 +/- buttons to navigate and change controls and settings.

This Brother Sewing cs6000i product is efficient for heavy duty work compared to the two mentioned above.


There are 60 in-built stitches including utility, quilting, decorative, heirloom, mending, etc. and 7 varieties of 1 step auto-sizing buttonholes.

So, clearly, you can use this versatile machine for multiple purposes without any hassle. Personalize all your creations, give professional touch with excellent embroidered work or simply sew a button; this product is apt for everything.   

What else to expect?

The product comes with all the major accessories that a beginner or an expert might require. You will get accessories for twin needle stitching, quilting, zipper insertion and more.

However, the most essential of all is the oversized accessory table that makes working on bigger projects, for example, quilting, more convenient. Also, there’s a compartment for storing the add-ons in the machine itself.    


For beginners, using a computerized machine might be quite intriguing but the simplicity of this Brother sewing model makes it an exceptional choice. Amateurs can easily work on their sewing projects using this advanced yet convenient technology.

One suggestion:

As many features and accessories are included, it is advisable to read the manual carefully before using the machine.

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SINGER 7258 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine

Do you want the best mini sewing machine which has also won numerous accolades? SINGER 7258 can be your choice. This model has won the Consumers Digest Awards twice. The product has been ranked based on the following:

  • Features
  • Easy usability
  • Construction quality
  • Performance and efficiency
  • Styling
  • Maintenance required


  1. This Singer model has 100 built-in stitches using which you can experiment with heirloom, crating, fashion sewing, decorative sewing and more.
  2. There’s this automatic needle threader which is a great time saving feature.
  3. Also, you can quickly thread and monitor the thread supply as the bobbin comes with a clear view cover.
  4. Furthermore, Singer 7258 will give you more with its 2 heights and 13 needle positions. You can change these positions as per your individual project requirement.  

Above all, the product’s sturdy framing and bespoke sewing quality takes it to the top. The makers have also included a number of useful accessories in the package.

What’s the amazing feature?

Use its automatic bobbin winding feature and you can stitch up to 750 sews – just in 1 minute. There’s the Stay Bright LED light which illuminates the surface for optimum viewing.  

With all such features, one can get Singer 7258 to create elegant garments, designs, gifts and more exciting things. It brings tech innovation, optimum precision and high performance together.


The instructional guide that comes with this product has every feature explained in details. Again, there’s a special guidebook that shares details on the 100 stitches to encourage your creative instincts. Read those carefully to try out different stitches!

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Brother 1034D 3/4 Thread Serger

Guess what’s the specialty of this product? Brother 1034D gives your sewing project the ultimate look with serged seam finishes.

Amongst the best mini sewing machine, Brother 1034D has been designed specifically for giving precise finishes to hems and edges of different fabrics. This serging machine features a ¾ lay-in thread system coming with a lower loop threader. That means, you can sew – finish – trim; with utmost precision and speed, just in 1 step.

It comes with various stitches including ribbon lock, rolled hem, narrow hem, 3 and 4 thread overlock, etc.

What’re the amazing features?

Firstly, Brother 1034D is capable of doing 1300 stitches per second. Well, that’s true! Secondly, unlike most other sergers, this product has a removable arm/flat bed surface. It is helpful while serging sleeves or pants.  

Some other pros:

  1. Its differential feed makes your stitch quality better.
  2. You can work on thin or stretchy fabrics, giving an even and professional finish.
  3. Its upper thread guides with color coding along with the lower lopping thread system makes threading easier.
  4. This product also enables you to easily change stitches using snap-on pressure feet.
  5. It has a retractable knife for trimming the edges before serging. When not required, you can turn it off.   

Although it comes with many different features, yet learning its usage is pretty easy. The package includes a printed manual along with an instruction video to elaborate the users on its functions.

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Brother 1034D can be used to work on formal wears, linens, knits and more. Make bay blankets, curtains, clothes, etc. You can also join laces; create decorative edges, ruffles and serge spaghetti straps, narrow sleeves, etc.      

Any beginner looking for the best mini sewing machine along with serging facility can lay their hands on this high-quality product from Brother.

You can choose the best product according to your demands and requirements. Consider your preference and purpose first – whether you want to do small sewing tasks or you need a machine for a few heavy duty functions as well. Or do you need this appliance just to try your hands at sewing – make sure you know why you want from the product, to make a profitable investment.

Price is also another essential factor while purchasing a small sewing machine. However, you must not compromise with quality in searching for the cheaper product. A high quality product from a reputed brand always comes with an affordable value and lasts for years. So, invest in the finest product and polish your sewing skills conveniently.