How to Use a Mini Sewing Machine: A Step-by-Step Guide

In 1970, an Englishman named Thomas Saint invented the first sewing machine. Most people use mini sewing machines because they are designed for individual use. This blog will help you to understand how to use mini sewing machine.

Earlier a foot-operated treadle or turning a handle was used for sewing. Later, electrically-powered machines were used. Industrial machines are larger, faster, and expensive compared to mini sewing machines.

The first sewing machine customers were clothing manufacturers, who produced the first ready-to-wear clothes. People started buying sewing machines in the 1860s.

Nowadays, mini sewing machines are trending because of their small build and easy-to-use operation. It is perfect for every person looking forward to self-learn stitching.


How To Use Mini Sewing Machine Step By Step

Here are the steps on how to use a mini sewing machine:

Step 1: Threading the mini sewing machine. Firstly you have to thread the spindle. Fill the bobbin with thread. The bobbin spindle should be posted properly and then push the cap back so the bobbin clicks in securely. To avoid accidents turned off while you are threading the mini sewing machines.

Step 2: The bobbin should be threaded from side to side so that it fills up around the entire post of the bobbin. When it is full then cut the thread and separate the bobbin.

Step 3: One should know how to thread the mini sewing machine, as it is slightly different for different machines, but it is easy if you are directed by your machine instructions. You have to pass a thread through a series of holes or hooks called thread guides.

Step 4: You have to pass the thread through the eye of the needle. You have to refer to the mini sewing machine instructions to put the thread in the correct direction. Once you thread it, leave the thread at least 5cm towards the back to avoid slipping back through the eye of the needle as you begin sewing.

Step 5: Plug the machine’s power cable into the electric socket and plug the foot pedal and place it on the floor.

How to use mini sewing machine stapler

how to use mini sewing machine

The mini sewing stapler machine is designed to be operated by hand, requiring no additional power source. When you unpack the sewing stapler machine, it will already be threaded for your convenience. If you wish to change the thread color, you can also replace the bobbin.

To begin using the machine, thread it by passing the thread through the thread guides, starting from the bottom and then moving through the tension disks, under the needle arm, and finally through the needle. Once the needle is threaded, your mini sewing stapler machine is ready for use.

To start stitching, lift the fastening plate and position your fabric beneath it. Move the machine across the fabric, much like you would with a regular stapler. To prevent the stitching from coming undone, you can secure the threads on both sides after stitching and tie knots. This will ensure sturdy and durable stitching.

How to use mini sewing machine for beginners

Mini sewing machines are the best for all beginners and new hobbyists. Refer to the steps provided at the beginning of the blog to easily use your mini sewing machine.

How to use a hobbycraft mini sewing machine

The hobbycraft mini sewing machine is used in the same way as described above in the how to use mini sewing machines step by step section.

How to use a singer mini sewing machine

how to use mini sewing machine

The singer stitch sew quick 2 is a mini sewing machine similar to the hobbycraft mini sewing machine. It requires 4AA batteries to power it on. The package includes a guide that helps you in using the machine.

You can start with threading the machine from the loop in front of the bobbin to upwards through the tension disks, above the needle, through the latch, then finally thread the needle. Remember to get the bobbin’s thread out from under the fabric placing plate.

Then all you need to do is press the red button near your thumb and get the machine going. You can press the same button to stop the machine.


  1. How to use a magicfly mini sewing machine?

Magicify mini sewing machine is a user-friendly machine that can be operated by newbie designers and hobbyists. It can be used by following the steps mentioned above. Click here for details.

  1. How to use berlin mini handheld sewing machine?

Berlin mini handheld sewing machine is easy to use. It looks like a stapler and has a similar functioning. Instead of pins, the berlin mini handheld sewing machine sews the cloth. It can be used on any cloth easily as it is lightweight and provides easy grip. Refer to how to use mini sewing machine stapler to get the steps for using a berlin mini handheld sewing machine.

  1. How to use small electric sewing machine?

A small electric sewing machine is powered by electricity. You need to plug in the power wire then the foot pedal if you want to speed up your stitching. Then you can follow the steps provided above.