Costco Sewing Machine Review: Find the Best Sewing Machine for You

Costco sewing machine has 60 different stitches pattern inbuilt. There is no need to download or set any design on the sewing machine. You can sew in so many several forms. The Costco sewing machine review is genuine on the internet. It also consists of 7 methods of auto-size buttonholes. It also has a wide table that has more space to keep more cloth at once.


Best Costco sewing machine review – Buying guide 

Factors To Look For Costco Sewing Machine Review

1] Dimensions: The Costco brother sewing machine review says that it is light in weight. It is very compact and easy to carry wherever you want to carry it. 

2] Features: The Brother sewing machine Costco reviews say that it has many features. Like it has 60 different types of stitches and seven styles of auto-size buttonholes. A treadle is used to start it while you are sewing. 

3] Accessories: The sewing machine comes with several accessories. Like a robust protective case to protect the sewing machine from any damage or dust. A broad table for more that allows you to keep your hands comfortably on the sewing machine top. 

4] Screen: It comes with an LCD screen to observe the pattern number and other details. It becomes very convenient to watch the specifications. Or else one might forget the number of the pattern. 

5] Warranty: When you buy a product that you going to use for a long time. Then you must watch the warranty period before finalizing the product. The brand gives you 25 years of warranty. 

6] Components: You get a manual, tweezers, screwdriver, seam ripper, oil, brush, bobbins, quilting table, extra pressure feet, needles, and a case to cover the machine

The sewing machines are of three types. They are electronic, computerized, and overlockers. The electronic sewing machines are perfect for those who are beginners and have started to learn about sewing. Overlockers are used to seam and hem the cloth. You can alter the cloth at your home effortlessly with the overlocker sewing machines. Overlockers give a professional finish to the fabric. Several overlock sewing machines have in-built stitch styles, which are perfect for seaming the material.

Last but not least the computerized sewing machines are for those who are professionals and stitch clothes for their shop or some brands. These computerized sewing machines are handy, and you can watch every detail on the petite screen provided on the body of the sewing machine. It has up to 60 different stitching styles. You can also download the stitch/pattern from the internet when the sewing machine is connected to the laptop. It also remembers the previous styles of stitching that you have used. 

Best Costco Sewing Machine Review

1.Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine

Costco sewing machine review


Brand: Brother 

Electric: Yes

Power Source: Treadle Powered 

Dimension: 16×6.7×11.4inches

Weight: 13 pounds

Performance: It has 60 in-built patterns for stitching different styles. Stitching styles can be selected with the help of the buttons. You can also view the specifications on the screen provided.

Comparison: It is lighter than the Elna sewing machine and is easy to carry. 

Usage: It is the best use for professionals who have to create several designs/patterns on the client’s demand or the company they are working for. 


  • Has 60 in-built stitches
  • Has an LCD screen
  • Button selection
  • Has auto needle threader
  • 25 years of warranty


  • It can not be used by the beginners

What’s New? 

You get to stitch with 60 in-built styles with an extension table. You can select the style of stitching with the help of a button. It is quick and very convenient. 

Why you should buy it? 

If you are professional and want to invest in a sewing machine, then this is the product for you to invest your money in. It has 25 years of warranty that you would not get anywhere else.

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1] What does the Costco brother sewing machine review say?

It is effortless to sew with the help of this machine as it gives a perfect and robust stitch to the cloth.

2] What does the brother sewing machine Costco reviews say?

The sewing machine would serve you for years without giving any sort of problems. It is lightweight. 

3] What is one of the most vital factors to look for before buying a sewing machine?

One should look for the warranty period the manufacturers are providing. Also, if you are using the machine for professional use, then look for the number of patterns/designs it can stitch. 

4] Do we get the components with the sewing machine from the manufacturer?

Yes, you get all the components and accessories when you buy a sewing machine from Brother.

You should also learn how to oil sewing machine.